For accommodation we have reserved a limited number and a special rate of the following hotels:

Insel-Hotel Heilbronn
D-74072 Heilbronn
Tel. +49-(0)7131-6300

Mercure Hotel Heilbronn
Platz Am Bollwerksturm 2
D-74072 Heilbronn
Tel. +49 -(0)7131-749950

Hotel TraumRaum
Bahnhofstraße 31
D-74072 Heilbronn
Tel. +49-(0)7131- 5919240

B&B Hotel Heilbronn
Mozartstraße 24
D-74072 Heilbronn
Tel. +49-(0)7131-74960

Please make your own hotel reservation using the keyword "Expert Days 2018".
Shuttle buses to and from SCHUNK are available.
All other events are within walking distance.