Previous Speakers

11th International Expert Days – 2019

"Towards Open Robotics"

Søren G. Aarhus
Odense Robotics
Jeff Burnstein
Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Prof. Michael Beetz PhD
University of Bremen
Dr.–Ing. Nikolaus Blümlein
LIDL Stiftung & Co. KG, Germany
Dr. Sebastian Höfer
Amazon Development Center Germany GmbH
Niels Jul Jacobsen
Mobile Industrial Robots ApS
Martin Naumann
drag and bot GmbH
Dr. Klas Nilsson
Cognibotics AB
Prof. Dr. Jan Peters
University of Darmstadt
Prof. Jamie Paik
Reconfigurable Robotics Lab/ EPF Lausanne
Thomas Pilz
Pilz GmbH & Co. KG
Wolfgang Ptacek
Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology
Oliver Stahl
Robotise GmbH
Prof. Dr. Ir. Stefano Stramigioli
University of Twente
Dr. Walter Wohlkinger
Blue Danube Robotics GmbH, Austria

10th International Expert Days – 2018

"Smart Future with Cobots and Co-acts"

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bauernhansl
Fraunhofer IPA, Germany
Dr. Andreas Bihlmaier
robodev GmbH, Germany
Frederik Brantner
Magazino GmbH, Germany
Brian Carlisle
Precise Automation Inc.,
United States
Prof. Dr.–Ing. Sami Haddadin
Institute of Automatic Control, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
University Hanover (IRT),
Prof. Jiping He
Beijing Institute of Technology, China
Søren Peter Johansen
DTI, Denmark
Prof. Dr. Torsten Kröger
KIT, Germany
Dr. Minas Liarokapis
New Dexterity, University
of Auckland, New Zealand
Dr. Bernd Liepert
KUKA AG, Germany
Dr. Irma Lindt
DHL Innovation Center,
Christopher Parlitz
Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH, Germany
Dr. Claus Risager
Blue Ocean Robotics ApS,
Juan Salcedo
Neocis Inc., United States
Yvonne Straube
BMW Group, Germany
Melonee Wise
Fetch Robotics Inc.,
United States
Dr. Walter Wohlkinger
Blue Danube Robotics GmbH, Austria
Dr. Hubert Zitt
University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

9th International Expert Days – 2016

"Human meets Robotics"

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamim Asfour
KIT H²T, Germany
Dr. Anders Billesø Beck
DTI, Denmark
Richard Bormann
Fraunhofer IPA, Germany
Prof. Dr. techn. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan
RWTH Aachen Robots in Architecture, Germany
Prof. Dr. Oliver Brock
TU Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Jonas Buchli
Agile and Dexterous Robotics Lab & NCCR Digital Fabrication, ETH Zürich Switzerland
Ákos Dömötör
OptoForce Ltd, Hungary
Serge Grygorowicz
RB3D, France
Dr. Peter Heiligensetzer
MRK Systems GmbH, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Alfred Hypki
Uni Bochum, Germany
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Sabina Jeschke
RWTH Aachen, Germany
Mark Oleynik
Moley Robotics, United Kingdom
Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey
Aldebaran Robotics SAS, France
Dr. Patrick Pfaff
KUKA Roboter GmbH, Germany
Dr. Máximo A. Roa
Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, German Aerospace Center (DLR) / Roboception GmbH, Germany
Arne Rönnau
FZI KIT, Germany
Dr. Sven R. Schmidt-Rohr
ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH, Germany
Prof. Dr. Bruno Siciliano
Uni Naples, Italy
Prof. Dr. Oskar von Stryk
TU Darmstadt, Germany
Dr. Matthias Umbreit
BGHM, Germany
Anouk Wipprecht
Fashion Tech Designer, Netherlands
Albert Yefimov
SkolKovo Robotics, Russia

8th International Expert Days – 2015

"Service Robotics: Probing new Horizons"

Prof. Dr. Amos Albert
CEO Agriculture Robotics, Bosch Start-up GmbH, Germany
Dr. Lijin Aryananda
Core Technology Robotics Leader & Technical Project Lead for Lower Extremity, Hocoma AG, Switzerland
Andrea Biggio
R&D / Study Manager and Robotic Systems Engineer, Thales Alenia Space Italia SpA, Italy
Prof. Gordon Cheng
Chair of Cognitive Systems, Technical University Munich, Germany
Prof. Dr. Peer Fischer
Professor of Physical Chemistry, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Dr. Andreas Goerdeler
Deputy Director General Information Society, Media, Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy, Germany
Andrew Graham
Technical Director, OC Robotics, UK
Johann Hegel
Head of Technology Development Assembly, AUDI AG, Germany
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Björn Hein
SCHUNK Shared Professorship, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
Lael Odhner PhD
Co-founder, RightHand Robotics, USA
Juniorprof. Dr. Andreas Pott
Group Leader, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Reiser
Group Manager Robot Systems, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany
Dr. Anatoly Sherman
Product Management 3D Compact Systems, Sick AG, Germany
Dr. Dirk Thomas
Software Engineer, Open Source Robotics Foundation, USA
Dr. Christian Wurll
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), GRENZEBACH Automation GmbH, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Ekkehard Zwicker
CEO, ALSTOM Inspection Robotics, Switzerland

7th International Expert Days – 2014

"Robots with Impact"

Prof. Dr. Sven Behnke
Head of Autonomous Intelligent Systems, University of Bonn, Germany
Dr. David Bisset
CEO, iTechnic Ltd, UK
Richard Bormann
Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA, Germany
Dr. Samuel Bouchard
President and Co-Founder, Robotiq, Canada
Renaud Champion
Co-founder and Partner, Robolution Capital, France
Francesco Ferro
CEO, PAL Robotics S.L., Spain
Dr. Hans-Peter Grothaus
Head of Development of Systembased Services, CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH, Germany
Prof. Dr. Kamal Gupta
Professor and Director, School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Dr. Karli Hantzschmann
Division Manager Automation, Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH, Germany
Dr. Vincenzo Lippiello
Assistant professor Control and Mechatronics, University of Napoli, Italy
Prof. Dr. Medhat Moussa
School of Engineering, University of Guelph, Canada
Guillaume Pérolle
Tecnalia Research and Innovation, Spain
Greg Peters
Engineering Design Manager, SABRE Autonomous Solutions Pty Ltd., Australia
Dr. Claus Risager
Partner & Director, Blue Ocean Robotics APS, Denmark
Prof. Dr. Eldert Van Henten
Head of Farm Technology Group, Wageningen UR, Netherlands
Rich Walker
Managing Director, Shadow Robot Company Ltd., UK

6th International Expert Days ‐ 2013

"Service Robotics: Vision becomes Reality"

Stefan Bartscher
Innovation Production Division, BMW Group, Germany
Thilo K. Brodtmann
Director EUnited Robotics, Belgium
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Buss
Head of Institute, Institute of Automatic Control Engineering, TU München, Germany
Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Carbone
University of Cassino and South Latium, Italy
Roberto Guzmán
CEO, Robotnik Automation S.L.L., Spain
Dr. Uwe Haass
General Manager, CoTeSys - Cognition for Technical Systems, TU München, Germany
Dr. Robert Haschke
Neuroinformatics Group, Bielefeld University, Germany
Torsten Heyer
Institute of Automation, University of Bremen, Germany
Dr. Johannes Kurth
Head of Research & Predevelopment, KUKA Laboratories GmbH, Germany
Dr. Björn Matthias
ABB AG, Germany
Prasenjit Mukherjee
Autonomy Engineer, Clearpath Robotics Inc., Canada
Dejan Pangercic
Bosch RTC, USA
Dr. Heico Sandee
Program Manager, University of Technology Eindhoven, Netherlands
Zhixing Xue
FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

5th International Expert Days – 2012

"Service Robotics – Quo vadis?"

Steve Cousins
President & CEO, Willow Garage, USA
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Bülthoff
Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Germany
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Dillmann
Institute for Anthropomatics, Humanoids and Intelligence Systems Lab, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Birgid Eberhard
VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, Germany
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ertel
University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten, Germany
Prof. Dr. Paolo Fiorini
Università di Verona, Italy
Dr. Sebastian Fritz
Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
Dr. Barry Goeree
Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Makoto Kaneko
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Osaka University, Japan
Dr. Gisbert Lawitzky
Siemens AG, Germany
Dr. Sibylle Meyer
SIBIS GmbH - Institute for Social Studies, Germany
Geoff Pegman
R U Robots, England
Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeifer
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Claus Risager
Head of Centre for Robot Technology at Danish Technological Institute, Denmark
Prof. Dr. Bruno Siciliano
Università di Napoli, Italy
Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart
Autonomous Systems Lab, Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

4th International Expert Days – 2011

"Pushing the Service Robot Market: Business Models, Case Studies and Profitability of Robot Investment"

Dr. Amos Albert
Autonome Systeme und Robotik Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
Stefanie Angerer
Technology Development, AUDI AG , Germany
Dr. Andreas Bley
CEO, Metralabs GmbH, Germany
Dr. Paul Bosscher
Government Communication Systems Division Harris Corporation, USA
Nikolaus Blümlein
Project Manager, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), Germany
Prof. Henrik Christensen
Director Robotics and Intelligent Machines Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Prof. Paolo Dario
Biomedical Robotics and Director CRI M Lab Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy
Prof. Kerstin Dautenhahn
Professor of AI , Adaptive Systems Research Group University of Hertfordshire, UK
Prof. Alois Knoll
Department of Informatics, TUM, Munich, Germany
Prof. Danica Kragic
Director Centre for Autonomous systems, KTH, Sweden
Prof. Claudio Melchiorri
DEI S, University of Bologna, Italy
Prof. Giorgio Metta
II T, University of Geneva, Italy
Prof. Seungbin Moon
Department of Mechanical Engineering Kyung Hee University, Korea
Prof. Dragomir N. Nenchev
Mechanical Systems Engineering Tokyo City University, Japan
Reinhard Teutenberg
Automation and electrical engineering, Polysius AG , Germany
Prof. Gurvinder Singh Virk
Professor of Robotics, Massey University, New Zealand
Dr. Markus Waibel
Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

3rd International Expert Days – 2010

"Tomorrow starts today."

Eric Berger
Willow Garage
Prof. Antonio Bicchi
University of Pisa
Rainer Bischoff
Kuka Roboter GmbH / EUROP
Prof. Markus Schwarz
University of Heidelberg
Dr. Robert Boesecke
Thomas Bömer
Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IFA)
Prof. Darius Burschka
TU München
Dr. Stefano Saliceti
Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Dr. Ryad Chellali
Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Prof. Henrik I. Christensen
Georgia Institute of Technology
Diego Compagna
University of Duisburg-Essen
Sorin Grigorescu
University of Bremen
Thomas Haase
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Sami Haddadin
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Prof. Michael Hofbaur
University for health sciences, medical informatics and technology
Dr. Reinhard Lafrenz
TU München
Prof. Rezia Molfi no
Univeristy of Genova
Dr. Danijela Ristic
University of Bremen
Dr. Marc Ronthaler
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
Prof. Bruno Siciliano
University of Naples
Prof. Mike Stilmann
Georgia Institute of Technology
Florian Weißhardt
Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing, Engineering and Automation (IPA)

2nd International Expert Days – 2009

"Tomorrow starts today."

Eric Bayrhammer
Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation (IFF)
Dr. Andreas Bley
Managing Director, MetraLabs GmbH
Prof. Marco Ceccarelli
Laboratory of Robotics and Mechatronics, University of Cassino
Prof. Dr. Henrik I. Christensen
KUKA Chair of Robotics, Director Robotics and Intelligent Machines Georgia Institute of Technology
Luc Degaudenzi
Aldebaran Robotics
Dr. James D. English
President and Chief Technical Officer Energid Technologies
Dipl.-Ing. Markus Fritzsche
Department of Robotic Systems Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation (IFF)
Prof. Dr. Axel Gräser
Institute of Automation, University of Bremen
Dr. Uwe L. Haass
General Manager CoTeSys, Technische Universität München
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Hägele M.S.
Head of Department of Robotic Systems Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing, Engineering and Automation (IPA)
Dr. Ioannis Iossifidis
Head of the Autonomous Robotics Group, University of Bochum
Gernot Kronreif
PROFACTOR Research and Solutions GmbH
Dr. Lorenz Kramer
Bayer Material Science AG
Prof. Naoki Muramatsu
Nagoya University
M.Sc. Christopher Parlitz
Department of Robotic Systems Fraunhofer Institut for Manufacturing, Engineering and Automation (IPA)
Riccardo Schiavi
Faculty of Engineering, University of Pisa
Dr. Marc Toussaint
Head of the Machine Learning and Robotics group at the IDA lab University of Applied Sciences Berlin
Martin Wojtczyk
Department of Informatics, University of Applied Sciences Munich

International Expert Days – 2008

"Tomorrow starts today."

Panagiotis K. Artemiadis
National Technical University of Athens
Dipl. Inform. Christoph Borst
Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Hägele M.S.
Head of Department, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), Department of Robotic Systems
Dr. Jens Hanke
Managing Director, Robowatch Technologies
Niels Jul Jacobsen
Project Manager, RoboCluster
Dr. Ronald Naderer
Managing Director, FerRobotics, Compliant Robot Technology
Stefan Sagert
EUnited Robotics
Dr. Damien Sallé
Robosoft SA
Dr. Nicola Tomatis
CEO, BlueBotics SA
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinz Wörn
Institute Director, University of Karlsruhe,
Institute for Process Control and Robotics