Smart Future with Cobots and Co-acts

Dear Friends of the Expert Days,

An impressive event has just concluded. Man and machine continue to move closer together. This trend was confirmed once again at the recent 10th International Expert Days on Service Robotics. State-of-the-art applications and future scenarios were the main focus of the excellent lectures and discussions.

Experts in service and assistance robotics came together with a variety of approaches, ideas, and topics, making the dynamics of this industry really vivid, tangible, and understandable. It was through this mixture of views and experiences that valuable moments and new ideas were formed.

The world of service and assistance robotics is an extremely dynamic area of our industry and provides countless opportunities moving forward, while also highlighting ethical and technological limitations.

For this reason, I am already looking forward to the next International Expert Days on Service Robotics 2019 in Denmark.

Yours sincerely,

Henrik A. Schunk
Chief Executive Officer

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